Welcome to St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church

For over 60 years, our Byzantine-Catholic parish in Hamilton, Ontario, has been a haven of faith and community. Join us as we strive to uphold Christian values and celebrate Ukrainian culture in Canada's vibrant multicultural tapestry.


Founded in 1955, St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church has stood as a beacon of faith and cultural heritage in Hamilton, Ontario, for over six decades. Our humble beginnings were rooted in the post-war era with Ukrainian immigrants coming together to establish a spiritual home and preserve their rich cultural traditions.

Located at 260 Melvin Ave, Hamilton, ON L8H 2K2, our church has been a source of inspiration, support and community for generations. We, at St. Nicholas, extend our outreach beyond the sanctuary. Our church hall has been a hub of activity, hosting numerous fundraisers and charitable events aimed at supporting and uplifting our local community. These endeavors reflect our commitment to living out the Christian calling of charity, service, and devotion.

Our mission statement echoes the core values that guide us - to embrace all members, both Ukrainians and non-Ukrainians, in a spirit of unity and fellowship. As we open our arms to welcome diverse individuals into our church community, we aspire to create an atmosphere where the Christian principles of love and service thrive.

Join us at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, where tradition, faith, and community converge. Experience the richness of our cultural heritage, the warmth of our fellowship, and the shared journey of living out the Christian calling in charity and devotion.

Everyone is welcome to join us for weekly mass led by Father Z. Bahriy

Every Sunday at 9:00 am

Contact Father Bahriy at 647-261-4509 or z.o.bahriy@gmail.com